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IBA Partner


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Start your own business in association with the Best Immigration Lawyers in UAE and MENA region. Earn up to 25% revenue from each client and get Return of Investment within a month. All you need is a Laptop, Mobile, Internet and a knack of Marketing. Refer clients by making the most of your personal network and say goodbye to your 9 to 5 job. Be your own Boss!

Want To Know How?

Become our Sales Agent

Want To Know How?

Get ROI from Day 1!

Immigration Business Alliance (IBA) is a part of BMS Global Australia, an Australian Immigration Business Setup Consultancy, run and operated by Australians. At IBA, we are committed to building careers, relationships, and partnerships by leveraging our strong partners and/or associates’ knowledge, expertise, and brand identity to benefit individuals and businesses in the field of Immigration Services for Australia Immigration Services offered by FBP International. You don’t need to be a migration consultant or be in the migration industry to start your business.


Apart from the expertise and knowledge in the subject, IBA has a unique ICT infrastructure platform that provides an exclusive opportunity to build a new business setup and accelerate career growth. Also, the best part is that IBA offers an entire business setup at feasible subscription plans. Our platform is designed to ensure maximum profit and turnover, guaranteeing ROI within a month.

We believe success comes with the freedom to work at your own pace. Hence, all you require are basic digital devices, a knack for marketing, and you’re set to go!

Janine Elizabeth - LLB/LP

Australian Legal Practitioner

Janine is a highly skilled and knowledgeable Australian immigration specialist that enables her to provide a high level of immigration assistance.

At FBP International

We have a team of Immigration Lawyers

Our professional team comprises of in house Immigration Lawyers and Migration experts who have been in the migration business for over a decade.

Partners & Affiliations

Partners & Affiliations

"To set a global footprint as The Best Migration Experts in the Immigration Industry through extensive network of Sales Agents

Knowledge & Capabilities

  • Handle Complex Visa Pathways and first up access to Various Legislations, Regulations, Policies and Forms
  • Manage various types of visa pathways like but not limited to:
    • Skilled Migration
    • Work Permits
    • Family Migration
    • Business & Investor Visas
    • Resident Return Visas
    • Appeals & Reviews
    • Citizenships
  • Excessive Knowledge in Case Laws and specialise in Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) inclusive of Court Appeals and Representation
  • Certification of Documents and provide In- House Statutory Declaration and Affidavits.

Become our Sales Agent

Why Choose IBA?

IBA builds careers, relationships & partnerships by providing 50+ years of cumulative knowledge, expertise, and experience in the field of immigration services through our strong partners and associates.

  • Immediate cash-flow from Day 1
  • Quick start with a powerful brand identity
  • Proven business model
  • Well-Structured Processes and Systems
  • Available to suitable individuals and/or businesses
  • Has service providers that has 99% Visa Grant Success Rate
  • 50+ Years of Cumulative Experience
  • Powerful Brand Identity
  • Complete ‘Plug-N-Play’ Digital Business Model
  • Exclusively In-House Australian Immigration Lawyers and Registered Migration Agents
  • Cutting Edge Service for Visa, Residency and Citizenship Matters
  • Individual Micro- Website with personalised Payment Gateway Facility
  • Training Materials for Australian Migration & Qualification Process
  • Ongoing Support & Constant Updates
  • Certificate of Accreditation
  • Australian Migration Services
  • Qualifications Australia Services
  • Marketing & Advertisements Facilitation


Here's What's in it for you!

Complete ‘Plug-N-Play’ digital business model, built base to work on with a global happy customer record as well as a team of the best migration settlement experts and In-house Australian Immigration Lawyers. Well-structured digital and IT processes and systems.

Get paid to advise people to migrate and settle in Australia ­­­­– Sales Agent get commission on the net revenue.

Run your business remotely from anywhere in the world with a laptop, mobile phone, and internet connection– work from home or while on holiday!

Immediate cash flow from first month onwards (ROI with just one client) and an exclusive opportunity to work with a powerful brand identity

Professional training provided for agents to have a successful sales rate.
Additionally, IBA also offers ongoing operational, marketing, and legal support.



Mobile & Internet

Marketing & Media Spending

Personal Network & Connection

Become our Sales Agent

The set-up cost for a Sales Agent is FREE

  • Run your Business with a Laptop, Mobile & Internet
  • Complete Plug-n-Play Digital Business model
  • Get paid to advise people to immigrate to Australia & other countries
  • Immediate Cashflow from first month
  • Well-structured Digital & IT processes and systems
  • Ongoing operational, marketing and legal support
  • A swift start with a powerful brand identity
  • Work from Home or while on Holiday
  • Say Goodbye to your 9am to 5pm job – BE YOUR OWN BOSS

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