Provicial Nominee Program (PNPs)

Provicial Nominee Program (PNPs)

Provicial Nominee Program (PNPs)

Canada ICT Work Visa

Canada is a well-developed country where a good lifestyle and a high-quality education system are affordable. The intra company transfer work visa requires the applicant to be sent to Canada as an executive to set up a subsidiary for a parent company outside of Canada, thus obtaining a work visa. The spouse can work in the local area as well.

Application Requirements

To apply for a Canada ICT work visa, you need to satisfy following business requirements: 

1. Having at least 1-year experience at vice president level and above or as the director of a core business department in the parent company 3 years prior to application. The position is level 3 or above in enterprise architecture. 

2. The parent company:

(1) More than 15 full-time employees. 

(2) Has established more than 3 years with actual turnover at a required amount; or

(3) Has established more than 5 years with actual turnover at a requirement amount.

3. Open a bank account for the subsidiary and make a deposit at a required amount prior submitting the application. 

Program Benefits



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